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ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND~.... I'm scouted~! ^w^

3/21/13 by InsanityKurai
Updated 3/21/13

So me and my friend had just recently made accounts and took awhile (Like 2-3 days :p) for only my friend to be scouted.
Once he got scouted, he scouted me...
and that's my story for today. XD

Anyways I would just like to make a quick announcement that I have a back up account because something my main account gets all out of whack and shyt :p
I will post news updates on my back up account if my main goes full retard again.
Back-up Account

Also one last thing...
I am basically abandoning my Deviant Art account and moving/focusing only here.
I will still leave my account up but will not be active there so that I will still have ownership.
My Deviant Art is just a place for my old drawings and style now.

While your reading this, you guys should check out my Blog
Over there I am named Pulse
If you want to stay tuned for all news on my NG account, check out my Back-Up Account
*Used only if my main account is being glitchy*
You can also check out my DeviantArt
And if your lucky, maybe even catch my LiveStream

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND~.... I'm scouted~! ^w^


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I actually posted some art! Check it out and tell me where I could improve.

LOL, I posted that last night. Don`t pay no attention to it k?

So, hows it going? IMMA BORED. Not rushing or anything, but how is the drawing coming along?


Ok, LOL. I sorry for making you angry. IMMA NOT A STALKER OR NOTHING GAWD.

3/24/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Don't worry i'm not mad ^w^

Are you a boy or girl? Just wondering so I don`t insult you by calling you the opposite sex.

3/24/13 InsanityKurai responds:

I am Pulse >;3 ut/

That is very nice of you! i will be on a lot tomorrow, so if you get the paper done, then just PM me and I will respond shortly. :3 I still can not believe that I haven`t gotten on your nerves with all my requests yet.

I pressed 2.

3/23/13 (Updated 3/23/13) InsanityKurai responds:

I like the way u think~! ^w^

I will message you sometime through out the week to tell you i will live stream.
I will not start till u respond~! :3

Also one more request could you try to do it on you live-stream? I want to watch you draw it live!

3/23/13 InsanityKurai responds:

I can but here's the thing.
I draw it first on paper and then put the pic on PS.
I then outline the paper drawing properly and BOOM~! I got my line work.
After, I colour. I have been trying to stay away from drawing directly on the tablet just cuz my anatomy get 100% better if i draw on paper.
My paper drawing is mostly just guidelines instead of a super detailed pic.

If you want me to try and draw it on my tablet directly, press 1.

If you don't mind me drawing on paper first, then start live streaming, press 2.

Completely fine with me, hey You are the one who decides if your gonna do it or not. Just tel me if I send you too many requests.

3/23/13 InsanityKurai responds:

kk ^w^

I would want basically what the picture looks like, but could you make their eyes not be closed? If you need a reference to that, just google Zero No Tsukaima.

3/23/13 InsanityKurai responds:

u got it~! ^w^
Again, just give me around a week more or less and i willl get it done~! :3

K the picture is on my page already. :3

3/23/13 InsanityKurai responds:

any thing specific u want me to draw or just the 2 of them together?
Or just one either be the boy or girl doesn't matter to me. :3
U don't have to keep the pic up if do don't want now.

I have an idea, have you watched the anime Zero No Tsukaima/The Familiar Of Zero? Well if not the picture of it will be on my page, after you get a good look at it I`m gonna take it down,if I can, to avoid plagiarism. (I feel like I ask too much of you now.)

3/23/13 InsanityKurai responds:

I have not watched it but i do know of it :3
Very iconic anime.
U want da requesto~? cuz idm :3
you just gotta say the word~! ^w^

And I would like to have your permission to use the drawing as my profile pic. Please? :3

3/22/13 InsanityKurai responds:

np man~! u go right ahead ^w^

thispost concerns the drawing you did for me, I said that I did not expect something of that level of AWESOMNESS, I was not doubting your ability. Also if I get an idea, I will send another request. Extreme thanks, AWESOMEBOY2000

3/22/13 InsanityKurai responds:

u got it~! ^w^

That is awesome that you got scouted bro, you deserve it.

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Thx man ^w^