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I can finally POST~!

3/20/13 by InsanityKurai
Updated 3/20/13

So I spent all of yesterday trying to find out the reason i couldn't post anything.
Me and my friend had just made fresh new accounts and for some reasons we could not post at all.
We both thought that it was an internet connection problem or just a site problem itself but his account eventually worked when he used his old laptop safari browser to post.
I thought why not try another browser other than chrome so I downloaded Firefox and BAM~!
It started to finally work like magic~! 0.o

Does this mean that Chrome doesn't work for posting?
Idk but i was just glad it worked and suddenly it was midnight.
Well that was my crazy night of trying to figure this site of NG and soon I also found that only 20 pics if ur un-scouted...
What other hidden tricks do u have lined up for me NG~? QwQ

While your reading this, you guys should check out my Blog
Over there I am named Pulse
You can also check out my DeviantArt
And if your lucky, maybe even catch my LiveStream

I can finally POST~!


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See, you already have gone from 9 to 12 fans in a couple of hours!

3/22/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Guess who's request is done~?
*hint hint it's ur* >w<

I finally posted something on my account. Since you were nice enough to do this for me I decided that Id send a shout out to your page so maybe you will get more than 9 fans. (I have no fans so you have alot in my book.ROFL)

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Thx Man~! XD
I will be honored to be ur first fan in return~ X3
I will have ur pic hopefully up by tomorrow ~! *w*

Oh and just saying, could you try to make the hair blue? Blue is my favorite color.

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

U got it~! ^w^

It is fine if it`s a little pervy but not too much, k? Nothing in the range of hentai. (WHO ELSE WOULD I ANSWER HONESTLY TO THAT?)

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Coming right up~! (b^.^)b

Thank you for that. Most artists would say, "WOW THIS MAN BE A TOTAL PERV! CHECK DIS OUT IMMA GONNA POST SOMETHING RIDICULOUS! LOL!" OK, I have to admit that this post is kind of weird. But thanks for the acceptance and I will be looking forward to seeing it.

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

Is it alright with you if i make it a bit pervy or do u want it clean?
I don't plan to draw naked parts but can if u want to. :3

Hey, I am kinda new to newgrounds, but I do love you style of drawing. Would you consider trying to draw a catgirl? I am NOT a perv, I just think they are cute. I will be checking in on this post for the next few days, so please reply. If you cannot find the time to draw this, I am completely fine with that. I`m not one to be like, You No Draw Ths?! I Kill You! LOL. But keep up teh AWESOME drawings. Please reply, AWESOMEBOY2000, out.

3/21/13 InsanityKurai responds:

I Don't mind if ur a perv (Not saying you are) but i can say that i am probably a perv myself >w<
But sure~! I don't mind drawing a catgirl~! X3
It might take me a week or so cuz I am busy also but I will find time to fit in dat drawing ^w^